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Professional Property Management: Are you looking to avoid the headaches that come with owning a rental property? Do you want to stay out of the day-to-day operations, but don't know where to start? Looking for a complete solution that can save your time, improve resident relations, and streamline operations? Professional property management is the answer!

Residential Rental Experts: At Hudson Property Services, we specialize in professional residential rental property management for 1-4 family homes in the Hudson Valley. We focus solely on our area of expertise, and don't dabble in commercial, vacation, or HOA management.

Simple, Quick, and Easy: We strive to make every process as painless as possible for our clients. It starts with a quick, remote onboarding, with digital documents and online registration, and carries through the entire owner experience. Your portfolio can be accessed online 24/7 through our state of the art owner portal including important documents, property financials and communications. We provide a digital, mobile-friendly experience that allows you to keep your property in your pocket!

Our Exclusive

5 Point Management Plan:

1. Maintenance Coordination

Hudson Property Services will manage regular maintenance and repair issues from start to finish. Our 24/7 dedicated repair line gives residents peace of mind while ensuring property preservation.

2. Resident Relations

Never take a resident call again! We handle all resident communications including maintenance calls, rent collection, leasing questions, renewals and complaints. We'll act as a firewall between you and the constant calls and texts.

3. Property Accounting

Let us do the accounting! We'll handle the security deposit and rent collection, pay vendor invoices and utility bills, and deposit rent proceeds in your account by direct deposit. Receive income and expense reports in your email every month like clockwork.

4. Professional Marketing

When vacancies arise, we'll handle the process from start to finish. Everything from the advertising, to showings, applications, screening, deposits, leasing, and move-in.

5. Online Owner Portal

The online owner portal is your gateway for 24/7 access to property details including property financials, lease documents, online payments, manager communications and more.


Standard Plan Pricing

Standard Plan

8% ($99 min)
  • Account Setup: $195 for the 1st unit, $50 each additional unit.
  • Leasing Fee: 1/2 month leasing fee for leasing vacant units.
  • Lease Renewal Fee: $195 annual lease renewal fee.
  • Annual Property Evaluation: $95 for the 1st unit, $50 each additional unit.
  • Maintenance Coordination Fee: 5% of maintenance and repair invoices.
  • Term: 1 year contract
Premium Plan Pricing

Premium Plan

10% ($99 min)
  • Account Setup: $195 for the 1st unit, $50 each additional unit.
  • Leasing Fee: 1/2 month leasing fee for leasing vacant units.
  • Lease Renewal Fee: $195 annual lease renewal fee.
  • Annual Property Evaluation: Included.
  • Maintenance Coordination Fee: Included.
  • Term: Month-to-month contract

$500 Property Reserve: The Property Reserve is deposited at setup, and is held for any property expenses that exceed the rent in trust while the home is under management. The Property Reserve is not a fee, and any unused portion is returned at the end of the management agreement. Property Reserve is $500 for the 1st unit, and $50 each additional unit.

Matthew Cave at HPS office
Meet the Property Manager

Matthew Cave

Matthew Cave is a licensed real estate broker and property manager with Hudson Property Services, LLC. Matt is a lifelong Dutchess County resident with nearly 2 decades of real estate expertise serving the Hudson Valley.

  • Residential property management specialist
  • Nearly 20 years of real estate experience
  • Extensive experience selling and managing REO homes
  • Background in managing single, multi-family and commercial properties
  • Lifetime Dutchess County resident

Our Coverage Area:

Dutchess County: Amenia, Beacon, Beekman, Clinton Corners, Dover, East Fishkill, Fishkill, Hyde Park, Lagrange, Milan, Millbrook, Millerton, North East, Pawling, Pine Plains, Pleasant Valley, Poughkeepsie, Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Stanford, Tivoli, Union Vale, Wappinger, Washington

Ulster County:  Gardiner, Highland, Lloyd, Marlboro, Milton, New Paltz

Frequently Asked Questions:

Hudson Property Services, LLC is located in Poughkeepsie, NY. Our service areas for property management include all of Dutchess County, as well as parts of Ulster County.

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