24/7 Appointment Scheduling

Schedule an appointment- It's easy!

Scheduling an appointment to show one of our rental properties is now quick, easy, and entirely online! All Hudson Property Services rental appointments are made using our online scheduling software. Simply follow the steps below to complete scheduling process:

Here's How it Works

1.   You (agent) must complete our online COVID questionnaire.

2.   Your clients (renters) must complete the same online COVID questionnaire. This includes all persons attending the showing.

3.   Schedule your appointment with our online scheduling software by clicking HERE

After the Showing

If your client is interested, please have them apply online at www.HPShomes.com/application. Each occupant over 18 must complete our online application- we cannot accept applications submitted from outside agencies. You can view our screening criteria and FAQs by clicking HERE.

The application will ask for the name of the showing agent, so we can match the prospective renter up with their agent.

Applications typically take 2-3 business days to screen. You will receive notification with the results once complete.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Simply copy this address to send to your client by email or text: www.HPShomes.com/COVID. The questionnaire is quick, mobile friendly, and requires no printing or emailing. Once completed, a fully executed copy will be sent to Hudson Property Services and the signer.